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Computer Modeling - Evaluation, GIS

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Assessing and estimating mine reserves form the foundation for studies such as mine design, mineability, or mining valuation. As foremost mining consultants, John T. Boyd Company (BOYD) utilizes the latest geologic and mine planning software for three-dimensional mine modeling and mine design.

State of the Art Software

  • CAE - DatamineTM and MaxiPitTM
  • Carlson - SurvCADDTM
  • Dassault Systemes' - MinexTM and WhittleTM
  • Maptek - VulcanTM
  • Mintec - MineSightTM
  • RungePincockMinarco - XERESTM and XPACTM
  • Ventyx - MineScapeTM
  • Autodesk - AutoCAD Map 3DTM
  • Other In-House

GIS Services

The utilization of GIS can be found everywhere including mine resource management, asset management, environmental impact assessments, mapping, sales, and marketing. Boyd’s GIS staff performs technical data analysis or database creation. We produce 3D terrain modeling, professional maps, analysis reports, and customized web-based GIS applications for the mining and gas industry.

Example GIS related projects by Boyd include:
  • Engaged the use of GIS to delineate and identify existing mineral and coal port facilities situated along the Kanawha River. Developed a database using public information on port facilities and digital topographic mapping. Applied graphic output and attribute data to assess potential inter-model transport facilities associated with new mine development.

  • Retained by financial institution to graphically identify coal reserve holdings of a major coal operator throughout the continental United States. Utilized supplied lease and fee ownership information to establish the coal holdings of the operator in an attribute database (GIS format). This database was then assimilated with public geographic data to facilitate desired mapping capabilities, whereby ownership was graphically represented in over ten (10) states.

  • Assessed the economic feasibility of a proposed underground mine employing GIS database management. Utilized existing public domain database information (topographic mapping, digital elevation model, Orthorectified aerial photography,) client prepared mine plans and supporting database information to isolate economic cost centers. Conducted multiple scenario analyses to evaluate alternative facility layouts, overland belt conveyor corridors, and refused disposal alternatives. In addition, performed an analysis to assess projected subsidence liability risk relating to private structures, major pipelines, railroads, agriculture production, highways and public water supplies. Results of analysis used to address and modify projected economic variables included in the project feasibility study.

  • Provided expert witness services associated with litigation. Assimilated extensive public, client, and contract engineering expert databases to evaluate historical environmental and reclamation activities at a lignite mining operation. Applied GIS database management to assess historical environmental practices and policies used by mining operation.

  • Completed an evaluation of coal reserves within a modified highway right-of-way using GIS incorporating both public database and developed information. Emergency corrective action needed to repair landslide damage to state highway. Needed repairs resulting in the condemnation of private lands containing coal resources. Consolidated supporting data relating to property ownership, highway designs, digital elevation models (topographic mapping), and coal seam information into GIS format resulting in the quantification of coal reserves affected by condemnation.

  • Provided consulting services to a major coal operator in assessing potential liability exposure resulting from mine subsidence from over one hundred years of mining. Investigated extensive areal coal extraction in multiple coal seams. Developed a comprehensive GIS database of historical mine maps with supporting attribute files describing variable extraction practices (entry widths, secondary recovery, pillar size, etc.), projected subsidence profiles, assigned subsidence probability, and local and regional real estate valuations. Incorporated available public GIS data relating digital topographic mapping, orthorectified aerial photography, and land use mapping in to the project GIS to evaluate subsidence impacts.

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