CoalVision tm

coal vision mining consultant market study coal pricingThe John T. Boyd Company presents CoalVision™ 2017, the thirteenth edition of our annual coal industry review. The purpose of this report is to provide consistent, comprehensive market intelligence on the US coal industry, with focus on the factors that influence coal’s production, trade, and usage. Our analysis is conducted within the context of the major coal markets (metallurgical and steam). It is our hope that this document provides the reader with a strategic tool for intermediate- and long-term decision making.

CoalVision is focused on the market prospects for the US coal industry over the period 2017 to 2040. The analysis considers all the main markets for US coal. The power sector, which is by far the largest market, is examined in greatest detail. Recognizing the fundamental uncertainties concerning future developments in energy markets and the availability of energy supplies, a market-based approach has been adopted to determine the demand for US coal under competitive conditions.

CoalVision 2017 includes:

  • US Coal Overview - considers the prospects for the US coal industry to meet domestic demand in light of the challenges to the overall production base – reserve depletion, increased environmental scrutiny, ageing workforce, declining productivity, etc.
  • US Electricity Markets - discusses the outlook for electricity consumption within the US, focusing on the factors that mold the supply and demand balance of the US generating industry. With an emphasis on coal-fired generation, competing forms of generation (nuclear, gas, renewables) are addressed with projections of future generating capacity.
  • US Coal Demand - assesses the demand for coal within the main domestic US coal markets – coal-fired generation, coke production, and industrial applications – as well as the international steam and metallurgical export markets.
  • US Coal Supply Regions - describes in detail our projections for coal supplied from the six primary supply basins and coal imports – Northern Appalachia, Central Appalachia, Southern Appalachia, the Illinois Basin, the Rocky Mountains, and the Powder River Basin.
  • Regulatory Review - addresses the latest battery of pending and proposed regulatory and legislative initiatives that will potentially impact the coal mining and coal-fired power generation industries.
  • CoalVision 2017 Price Forecast - presents our long-term price projections for benchmark coal products produced from the various coal supply basins, highlighting our rationale behind price movements through the year 2040.
  • Interactive US Regional Coal Supply and Markets Map

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