coal valuation mineral valuations gas valuation restructuring mining consultants minerals mine financial consultant marketing coal technical expert litigation legal financial reserve geologyBOYD’s core business includes the analysis of reserves, mines and mining companies. We have performed thousands of mining valuation assignments, ranging from small parcels and individual items of equipment to substantial properties and complex entities – throughout the US and around the world. BOYD has appraised mineral royalty streams, fuel supply agreements, reclamation liabilities … the list goes on. Our valuation reports and findings have been relied upon by financial institutions, investors, lenders, and governmental agencies for decades.

A thorough coal or mineral valuation must examine many critical factors directly affecting the final appraisal by BOYD consultants.

Critical Factors in a Mineral Valuation

Mining Equipment and Facilities:

  • Typical Applications - sales/purchase, lease analysis, tax planning, litigation
  • Valuation Factors - Asset application, operating history, maintenance practices, remaining useful life, obsolescence, prevailing market prices for comparable assets, third party utilization.

Undeveloped Reserve:

  • Typical Applications – Sale/purchase, reserve lease analysis, investment decision of future development, property tax appeals, general tax planning, litigation.
  • Valuation Factors - Location and infrastructure, tonnage, quality, and mineability, market forecast, income potential, comparable sales data, highest and best-use analysis, environmental liability.

Existing Mining Operation:

  • Typical Applications – Sale/purchase, investment decision on new capital investment, tax planning, litigation
  • Valuation Factors – Income analysis, reserve-base: tonnage and quality, future mining cost, new/replacement capital requirements, existing sales (contract/spot), market forecast, improvement potential, competitive position, comparable sales data, environmental liability.