Litigation Support - Expert Witness

legal litigation support international arbitration expert witness testimony mining consultants minerals mine financial consultant marketing coal technical expert litigation legal financial reserve geologyBOYD’s professional staff is comprised of specialists with decades of experience in the principal aspects of the mining and minerals industry: geology, reserves, mining operations (surface and underground mining), mineral processing, financial analysis, valuation, markets, transportation, environmental matters, etc. Our senior professionals have the requisite training, education, and experience to provide advisory services to our clients on an ongoing consultant basis.

This background also represents the basis for BOYD professionals to provide litigation support and expert witness testimony. BOYD personnel have utilized their knowledge and mining industry insight to testify in hundreds of domestic and international mining arbitration and litigation matters, and have been admitted as experts in a broad variety of courtroom settings. We recognize the demands of litigation, and take pride in the ability to offer candid and supported opinions in the form of written reports, direct testimony, and courtroom testimony with demonstrative exhibits.