Market Analysis

coal markets mining consultant frac sand transportationDespite constantly fluctuating mineral and coal markets, BOYD market assessments and projections for coal, lime, limestone, minerals, and transportation are accepted by clients as accurate bases for their long-range business plans. BOYD market studies examine such factors as: economics, product quality, supply/demand, transportation and equipment options. Our mineral or coal market projections are unique because they develop from a proprietary model for simulating mining costs. The model-based on our experience in preparing mineral or coal mining feasibility studies, monitoring tonnage on a routine basis, and performing cost studies for existing mines-can be customized to meet the specific criteria of each mining project.

This experience base of marketplace information benefits clients who use BOYD to project short- and long-range mining industry trends.

BOYD Mineral and Coal Market Analysis:

  • Availability of Mineral or Coal-Specific Quality Reserves
  • Supply and Demand by Market
  • Market Price
  • Transportation Alternatives
  • Impact of Legislation on Markets
  • Effects of Fuel Purchasing Strategies-duration of contracts, spot to contract ratio, partnering strategies under utility deregulation, effects of electric futures and other mineral or coal market derivatives.