Technical Reports

exploration technical report competent person sec reserve JORC mining consultants minerals mine financial consultant marketing coal technical expert litigation legal financial reserve geologyBOYD is one of the largest independent mining consulting firms in the world serving the mining, financial, utility, power, and related industries. Our consultancy services have been provided since 1943 in over 60 countries. Our full-time staff includes specialists in the analysis of geology, coal and mineral resource and reserves, mine planning and costs, material handling, markets, business planning, transport, and environmental issues.

BOYD has a number of “Qualified Persons” and “Competent Persons” among our professionals to prepare and endorse our international studies. We are fully knowledgeable of rules and requirements needed, in regard to mining, to list on the Canadian, Australian, Hong Kong, London, Singapore, and New York stock exchanges.

Our experience preparing Independent Technical Engineering Reports (ITER) and Competent Person’s Reports (CPR) for international financing purposes and for stock exchange filings along with our overall understanding of international mining operations.

CRIRSCO Member Countries – BOYD Experience:

  • Australasia (JORC)
  • Brazil (CBRR)
  • Canada (CIM)
  • Colombia (CCRR)
  • Chile (National Committee)
  • Europe (PERC)
  • Indonesia (KCMI)
  • Kazakstan (KAZRC)
  • Mongolia (MPIGM)
  • Russia (NAEN)
  • South Africa (SAMREC)
  • Turkey (UMREK)
  • USA (SME)