Contract Evaluation

coal markets contract minerals coal transportation restructuring mining consultants minerals mine financial consultant marketing coal technical expert litigation legal financial reserve geologyYour Company can benefit from our extensive expertise in developing contract strategies for the mining industry. As experienced mining consultants, BOYD's philosophy focuses on developing innovative contracting methods necessary to remain competitive in the coal mining and mineral industries while maintaining a fair and balanced relationship between buyer and seller.

Planning an appropriate negotiating strategy and formulating techniques for arriving at mutually-advantageous agreements are the core of the contracting process. Coal or mineral contracting strategies continue to evolve as utility deregulation, coal tolling agreements, and electricity futures assume more importance.

You will be provided with strategies and contract terms and conditions tailored to your goals and requirements. As mining consultants, we will assist you throughout the negotiating process to reach a contract agreement that leads to a mutually beneficial business relationship between the parties. Contract evaluation services include:

  • Coal Price or Mineral Price Adjustment Methods
  • Cost Pass-Through Provisions-Mineral or Coal Contract
  • Indices/Price Allocation to Indices
  • Risk Allocation-Mineral or Coal Contract
  • Contract Options, Futures
  • Coal, Gas, Electricity Interrelation
  • Strategic Alliances, Joint Ventures
  • Contract Performance Guarantees
  • Mineral or Coal Contract Enforceability
  • Mineral or Coal Contract Quality Specifications
  • Mineral or Coal Contract Premiums, Penalties, Terminations
  • Force Majeure-Mineral or Coal Contracts
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Mineral or Coal Contract Gross Inequity Clauses