mining consultant expert legal litigation insurance claim appraisalMining is hardly unique as a capital-intensive business. However, the mining sector differs from other industries in terms of the inherent levels of uncertainty pertaining to geological conditions and operational factors. When catastrophic events occur, specialty skills are required to assess the causes, damages, and losses.

BOYD has worked closely with insurance adjustors, investors, and attorneys on hundreds of mining accidents, failures, disasters, and catastrophic events that have occurred at mines and processing plants: fires, explosions, inundations, equipment failures, etc.

These consultant assignments often include:

  • Appraisals of plant and equipment: fair market values, replacement costs, salvage values.
  • Business interruption analyses: recovery expenses, mining plans, business projections, lost revenue/profit.
  • Determinations of factors contributing to the event.
  • Negotiations between parties.
  • Expert witness testimony.