US Coal Industry

The John T. Boyd Company is pleased to announce the release of the 2023 edition of the Pittsburgh No. 8 Coal Seam Ownership Map. Commonly known throughout the US coal industry as the “Pitt 8 Panhandle Map”, BOYD has continuously produced this map of mining activity within the Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio-panhandle region on an annual basis for over 60 years.

In its current form, the 2023 map reflects the aerial extent of the ownership interest controlled by the four actively producing coal companies (American Consolidated Natural Resources, Inc. [ACNR], CONSOL Energy Inc. [CONSOL], Iron Senergy Holdings LLC [Iron Senergy] and Alliance Resource Partners, L.P. [ARLP]) as well as coal holdings controlled by other passive landholding entities. In addition to the ownership interests depicted, the map provides geo-referenced locations of the region’s active and inactive mining operations; areas of previous mining; remaining reserves contained within each ownership boundary; mine portal, shaft, and coal preparation plant locations; road, rail, and river transportation infrastructure; and regional generation stations. The 2023 map has been updated to reflect major modifications to ownership control and/or changes in operating status (e.g., the permanent closure of ACNR’s Century Mine in June 2022) since the publication of the 2022 edition.

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