Competitor Analysis

competitor analysis competition strategic planning mine planning technical due diligence mining consultants minerals mine financial consultant marketing coal technical expert litigation legal financial reserve geologyA mining plan, financial projection, or mineral valuation is only as good as the assumptions used therein. BOYD’s greatest strength is our collective mining industry knowledge, gathered over decades, which includes insight and experience related to the site-specific factors that drive value and performance. Our knowledge of individual mine operators, properties, reserves, and nearby competitors provides us with an unparalleled basis to provide informed opinions and supported conclusions regarding future plans and projections. BOYD consultants frequently offer opinions regarding how a property or entity stacks up in the competitive pecking order:

  • Comparable Sales / Valuation - What is the going rate ($ per ton, $ per acre, etc.) for recent transactions at nearby or regional operations?
  • Operational Performance - How do projected metrics for productivity and performance (tons/shift, annual output, equipment availability, etc.) compare with similar mining or processing operations?
  • Financial Outcomes - Do mining costs and particular line items (labor rates, consumables, indirect costs, etc.) compare favorably with competitors? Are assumptions of capital expenditures and lead times consistent with local industry norms?
  • Realizations - How does project quality compare with others in the region? Are projected prices in line with current markets and future expectations?