Material Handling

material handling beneficiation strategic planning mine planning technical due diligence mining consultants minerals mine financial consultant marketing coal technical expert litigation legal financial reserve geologyBOYD offers technical expertise and management assistance in all aspects of beneficiation and material handling through project supervision and coal preparation plant construction. Our perspective of the total mining and marketing process ensures processing assignments are evaluated on the basis of realistic mining industry practices and are consistent with market objectives.

Modeling techniques are utilized to perform coal preparation plant circuit material balances and compare actual equipment performance to expected performance. Our consultant work has resulted in recommendations for improved coal preparation plant performance, providing coal preparation plant operator’s immediate and substantial savings.

BOYD evaluates and appraises coal processing and minerals beneficiation plants and associated coal handling systems. Material handling items evaluated include: rail, barge, and ocean port coal loading and unloading facilities; and transportation and haulage systems utilizing truck, belt conveyor, and railway.

Materials Handling and Beneficiation Consulting Services

  • Preparation plant efficiency
  • Sampling and quality control
  • Modeling and blending systems design for quality control
  • Coal preparation
  • Beneficiation and material handling design
  • Initial assessment
    • Coal quality data and characteristics
    • Preparation plant design alternatives
    • Material handling alternatives
    • Coal blending alternatives
    • Optimal preparation plant design recommendations
  • Preparation plant, material handling - engineering design, flow sheet design, project monitoring, circuit troubleshooting.