Environmental Services - Assessments and Audits

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Pre-acquisition Assessment

Environmental site assessments are conducted by BOYD to determine a property's potential risk before investment. Such assessments are typically structured in a phased approach providing for an orderly progression of increasing levels of inquiry.

Phase 1 - Site Reconnaissance and Records Review: This phase of assessment provides the framework for a more comprehensive investigation if the findings show a reasonable basis to suspect the presence of an environmental risk. BOYD's efforts in this phase include a nonintrusive, visual inspection of site conditions and a search of available public and operator records to identify the presence, or basis for suspected presence, of a hazardous substance release on the property.

Phase 2 - Physical Investigation: If the presence of an environmental risk is suspected, this phase is undertaken to confirm or deny the presence of the risk. Investigative procedures may include drilling, well installation, soil and water sampling, and laboratory testing.

Phase 3 - Remediation Planning: This phase is initiated upon confirmation of environmental risk and includes the engineering analysis and formulation of action plans to remediate contamination or reduce environmental risk.

Operations Monitoring

Environmental audits of ongoing mine operations are performed to apprise management of compliance status and identify potential problem areas. The primary purpose is to verify compliance, or exceptions to compliance, with applicable environmental laws and regulations.

The monitoring provides owners and managers with the information needed to proactively address environmental concerns and thus reduce related exposure and liability. These audits may be made part of a company's total quality control program and demonstrate commitment to environmental responsibility.