Geologic Modeling

geologic modeling vulcan technical report competent person sec reserve JORC mining consultants minerals mine financial consultant marketing coal technical expert litigation legal financial reserve geologyAssessing and estimating reserves form the foundation for studies such as mine design, mineability, or valuation. BOYD mining consultants utilize the latest geologic and mine planning software for three-dimensional modeling and design.

State of the Art Software utilized by BOYD:

  • Datamine TM and MaxiPit TM
  • Carlson - SurvCADD TM
  • GEOVIA - Minex TM and Whittle TM
  • Maptek - Vulcan TM
  • Hexagon - MineSight TM
  • RPM Global - Xeres TM and XPAC TM
  • Ventyx - MineScape TM
  • Autodesk - AutoCAD Map 3D TM
  • ESRI - ArcGIS TM
  • Other In-House