Refractory Ores

It is well known throughout the mining industry that direct leaching gold deposits are becoming far less common and that the percentage of gold produced from refractory ore deposits will continue to increase for the foreseeable future. During the period from 1994 to 2009 the percentage of world gold production from refractory gold ores increased from 5% to over 10%.

Examples of Refractory Ore treatment include:

  • Pressure oxidation of flotation concentrates.
  • Pressure oxidation of whole ore.
  • Tank bio-oxidation of flotation concentrates.

BOYD staff have completed over 10 refractory ore projects and developed broad based expertise for the evaluation, development and operation of precious metal refractory treatment facilities. Refractory ore development has culminated in BOYD's access to exclusive systems for the development and operation of sulfide precious metal refractory ores.

BOYD refractory ore evaluation services include:

  • Complete financial evaluation packages with associated detailed cost estimating components for all refractory ore treatment options.
  • Innovative metallurgical test procedures that result in substantial cost savings and reduced schedules for the evaluation of treatment options.
  • Compilation of detailed information from all alternative low-grade refractory ore treatment options currently under consideration by major gold producers.
  • Team of high level project development experts capable of providing any required outside services.

Being an independent consultant, BOYD has experience with multiple vendors. Evaluations provided by vendors obviously have led to biased conclusions and the selection of the wrong treatment system. The difficulties caused by biased evaluation and selection processes are evident by the relatively large number of subsequent system modifications of refractory ore treatment systems following initial construction.

You can provide BOYD the opportunity to evaluate your current of planned project and learn how you may be able to lower capital and operating costs applying refractory treatment applications.