Mine Planning

mine planning technical due diligence mining consultants minerals mine financial consultant marketing coal technical expert litigation legal financial reserve geologyResults of mining exploration programs and other mining related investigations serve as a basis for evaluating the technical and economic mine planning. BOYD prepares any level (conceptual to final) of a coal or mineral mine planning feasibility report required to meet a client's needs-from a brief overview of mining potential to documents suitable for requesting bids for construction.

BOYD mining consultant feasibility studies are accepted by major financial institutions and independent investors as an objective basis for sound fiscal decision-making-your assurance of receiving reliable mining projections you can depend on.

BOYD Feasibility Reports

Mine Design

  • Seam (vein) lithology and mineability
  • Geotechnical and rock mechanics
  • General mining layout and logical mining unit

Mining Equipment and Facilities

  • Selection and capital cost
  • Alternative mining systems
  • Mine asset appraisal

Mine Management and Labor Force Assessment

  • Health and safety considerations
  • Mining productivity

Surface Facilities

  • Mine services
  • Material handling and beneficiation

Regional Infrastructure

  • Transportation alternatives
  • Electric power
  • Water supply
  • Communications
  • Townsite development

Economic Evaluations Including Forecasts of:

  • Mine closure analysis
  • Environmental closure audits
  • Environmental assessment
  • Construction schedule
  • Market analysis
  • Transportation alternatives
  • Discounted cash flow
  • Sensitivity studies
  • Monte Carlo simulation

Geotechnical Analysis

  • Mine Slope Geotechnical Evaluation and Design
  • Mine Roof Support Geotechnical Evaluation and Design
  • Mine Injuries Investigations
  • Equipment Losses and Claims