Strategic Planning

strategic planning mine planning technical due diligence mining consultants minerals mine financial consultant marketing coal technical expert litigation legal financial reserve geologyBOYD has provided strategic planning services with mining industry executives to better manage their businesses and to improve their competitive positions.

BOYD partners with our clients-reserve owners, producers and consumers and manufacturers in the mining industry infrastructure. BOYD mining consultant provides planning services in all aspects of each assignment to ensure its investment to provide positive results over time. Our goal is to ensure our clients gain the critical information to evaluate options and make the difficult decisions needed to sustain their competitive advantage in the mining industry.

Our clients have benefited from practical technical solutions to virtually every kind of problem the mining industry faces today. BOYD offers a variety of consultant services dealing with the spectrum of management problems, such as staffing, strategic planning, goal-setting, and defining organizational responsibilities.

These services complement our mining engineering and technical services, resulting in the transfer of BOYD mining expertise to your organization.

BOYD Strategic Planning

  • Mine Restructuring
  • Evaluation of Mine Management, Labor, and Administrative Operations
  • Improving Accountability to Support Business Unit and Corporate Strategies
  • Providing Solid Recommendations to Reduce Mine Product Cost and Improve Mine Productivity
  • Devising Strategies to Enter New Market Areas • Evaluating Domestic and International Market Competitiveness
  • Developing Centralized Process Control Systems
  • Benchmarking of Mine Operations, Barge-Loading, Port Facilities, and Material Processing