BOYD has decades of consultant experience in matters pertaining to disputes between parties across the mining sector. General examples of cases where we have offered professional advisory services and provided expert witness contractual contract mining agreements technical experts legal litigation support expert witness testimony mining consultants minerals mine financial consultant marketing coal technical expert litigation legal financial reserve geologytestimony include:

  • Contract mining agreements: payment methodology, prudency of mining plans/practices, distinctions between contract miners and reserve owners.
  • Coal and mineral leases: monetization of royalty income streams, valuation of royalty streams, lost coal claims, recovery of minable/merchantable coal, market analyses.
  • Fuel supply agreements: force majeure claims; contract valuations; differentials between contract prices and market prices; quality specifications, price adjustments, market forecasts, prudency of mining.
  • Litigation support / expert witness testimony: market forecasts/price projections, costs of governmental impositions, direct testimony before Public Service Commissions and Public Utility Commissions, bankruptcy analysis, mediation of disputes between Buyers and Sellers.