"Changing Currents" - A PRB In-Depth Review

The John T. Boyd Company publication "Changing Currents" - describes how the Powder River Basin’s Balance of Supply Will Evolve Over the Next 20 Years.

We discuss the current status of production within the PRB detailing major developments impacting the region’s operations, including environmental regulations, the federal leasing program, the growing opportunity for thermal coal exports, etc. General insights into the technical, physical and competitive aspects (e.g., expected cost of production) for the major PRB operations are also provided based on our hands-on knowledge collected over the past 30 years.

powder river basin coal market study consultant


This PRB In-Depth Review includes:

  • PRB Industry Review - Geology, Federal Leasing, Resources, Current Mines, Reserve Positions, New Projects, Technology
  • Key Issues Facing PRB - Strip Ratios, Political Influences, Exports, Coal Leasing (LBA)
  • PRB Demand Review (Base, Optimistic, and Stress Cases) - U.S. Overview, Natural Gas, Regulatory Factors, Inventory Issues, International Market
  • Demand and Forecast - SPRB 8400, SPRB 8800, NPRB, New Projects
  • PRB Mine Cost Analysis on a Mine-by-Mine Basis - Overview, Long-term Costs, Cost Curves 2017, 2020, 2025, 2030, 2035
  • Appendix – Summary of each individual mining operation
  • Current Wall Map of the PRB

Most notably, our studies focus on the possible structural changes within the basin - particularly the threat of declining 8,800 Btu PRB production over time (due to the lack of new LBA reserves) and the transition to increased output from 8,400-Btu mines and the potential for new project development in the Montana portion of the northern PRB.

Our projections utilize our knowledge of regional mining parameters and cost drivers, information available within the public domain, as well as extra-regional factors such as the impact of the domestic electricity generation on future coal demand.

Please contact John T Boyd Company for further information: United States Eastern US Headquarter Office, 724-873-4400 (inquire with Bill Wolf).