GIS ESRI geographic information system mining consultants minerals mine financial consultant marketing coal technical expert litigation legal financial reserve geologyThe utilization of GIS (geographic information system) can be found everywhere including mine resource management, asset management, environmental impact assessments, mapping, sales, and marketing. BOYD GIS staff performs technical data analysis or database creation. BOYD consultants produce 3D terrain modeling, professional maps, analysis reports, and customized web-based GIS applications for the international mining and gas industry.

Spatial Data Services

  • Capture
  • Survey
  • Input, Digitize, Edit, Geocoding
  • Conversion and Translation

Spatial Analysis

  • Topological Modeling
  • Cartographic Modeling
  • Map Overlay
  • Distance/Travel Analysis
  • Geostatistics


  • Coal and Mineral Production - Mapping and Analysis
  • Electricity Generating Stations - Mapping and Shipments
  • Coal and Mineral Transportation Infrastructure - Mapping and Analysis
  • Subsidence Evaluation
  • Web Mapping