Colombian Coal

Colombia plays an essential role in the world coal market. The country is the fifth largest thermal exporter (as of 2019), and is in the top 10 for metallurgical coal and coke exports. Consolidated-open pit thermal coal regions have been producing for over 40 years and metallurgical regions are focused in the northeastern departments with mostly underground small and medium size operations. The relative flat and shallow thermal coal seams near the Caribbean sea contrast with the thin, steep, and highly faulted geological setting of the interior of the country.

Coal represents ±65% of the mining GDP and ±19% of the total exports of the country, making this mineral a key driver for the economy.

The Colombian Coal Profile Map offers a snapshot of the country’s coal industry in 2019 featuring:

  • Main producers
  • Current infrastructure
  • Ports (existing and projected)
  • Rail
  • Main trucking roads (existing and projected)
  • Processing plants (cool washing facilities)
  • Coking plants (Norte de Santander)
  • Exports by destination (Thermal Coal 2015-2019)
  • Producing regions
  • Power plant consumption (existing and projected)

  • Note: Data for 2019 is subject to change by the ANM and might be different than the map (Currently updated as of May 2020)

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